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"Clients do business here for a simple reason--they receive straightforward, intelligent, unbiased and timely advice that was absent in their previous investment relationships."

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Comprehensive Wealth Management
We Will Simplify Your Life

First and foremost Financial Advisors of Southwest Florida is a wealth manager. We make recommendations and manage client portfolios on an ongoing basis using economic science and decades of stock market data.

The return and risk of our client's portfolios are managed using nobel prize winning knowledge to optimize domestic and international stock as well as bond asset classes. We further diversify portfolios by adding alternate investments including different types of real estate, managed futures, commodities and hedge funds.


But wealth management doesn't stop there. We also create customized financial plans and offer you expert advice on related concerns, such as financial planning, tax management, protecting loved ones with insurance, charitable giving techniques, trust planning, and estate planning.

Financial Advisors of SWF is also a wealth manager who have established strategic alliances and professional relationships with a network of specialists outside our firm including attorneys who create legal documents, CPAs who can assist with tax matters, and others. This network allows us to provide a broad range of service, including advice as in-depth as you require, so we can be a single source for your financial concerns.


Our comprehensive range of services eliminates the problems that can occur when you must manage multiple advisors. We make wealth management simpler for you.